• Powerschool Parent Portal Guidelines


    District code for mobile devices:  DGJB

    To meet district goals of enhanced communication and advanced learning, the Sharon Schools (SPS) provides a “Parent Portal” into our Student Information System, currently Powerschool.  The purpose of this access is to allow students and parents to see information about academic progress and attendance, as well as to allow for another source of two-way digital communication.  To ensure that this privilege is used in a positive way, SPS has laid out the following guidelines by which users must abide in order to maintain access.

    General Statements:

    1.  All access to student records must comply with FERPA and Mass General Laws as summarized in SPS handbooks, therefore, nothing in these guidelines can take precedence over FERPA or any laws.
    2.   You understand that the school district is providing this access as a privilege, and if it is abused, your account will be suspended and/or terminated.
    3.  You understand that Sharon Public Schools is not liable for any damages to your personal equipment incurred when connected to Powerschool.
    4.  In consideration of having access to your child's grades and attendance, you hereby release the Sharon Public Schools and its officers, employees, and agents from any claims and damages from your use of Powerschool.
    5.  By logging into PowerSchool you are agreeing to the Parent Portal Guidelines.

    Respectful Use Specifics:

    1.    Username and Passwords are to be kept confidential.  SPS accepts no responsibility in the event the username and password is shared, given, stolen, or in any other way, becomes the possession of a person other than the parent/guardian or student.

    2. All technical concerns about PowerSchool should be addressed to psquestions@sharonschools.net.

    3. Unfortunately, SPS can not provide technical support for your home/work computer system.

    4. Users must realize that email and other communications via the Internet are not guaranteed to be private.

    5. The Parent Portal will be monitored. The Access Log reports on the date of login, time accessed, and duration of login (in minutes).

    6. To maintain appropriate communication flow, the following protocol must be followed (by both users and non-users of Powerschool) if any questions or concerns arise about information garnered about grades, attendance or courses:

    a.  First, speak with your child.

    b. If not resolved, have your child talk to his/her teacher for clarification.

    c.  Check teacher’s grading policy posted on his/her course page or class materials.

    d. If still not resolved, parent/guardian may send one email or call the teacher and expect a response by the end of the following school day.

    e.  If still not resolved, parent/guardian may contact the appropriate department coordinator by phone or email.

    f.   After all of the above, if still not resolved, a parent may contact school administration by phone or by email.

     Any misuse of the portal by parents or students will result in suspended access and possible disciplinary action.  Misuse includes excessive log-ins (more than 5 a day), aggressively questioning a teacher about grades, using Powerschool information to compare teachers in any evaluative way, or other issues that may arise and are deemed inappropriate by administration.

    Grades will be posted after the assignment is returned to the student.

    The Parent Portal will be offline one week after the end of the quarter to allow for teachers to finalize grades. Final Quarter grades will then be posted and Report Cards may be sent home thereafter.

    Attendance concerns should be addressed by calling your child's school office.

    Teacher Procedures:

    1.     All teachers will post grades or scores in Powerschool after the completion of assignment, test, quiz, etc. and after students have received the grade in class.  Longer term projects may take longer to input.

    2.     Access to the portal will be restricted at the following times. 

    a.     1 week after the end of each term.

    b.     Any interference or distraction during the day as reported by any teacher will result in student access suspended.