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    Judy Crosby 
    Vice Chair
    Adam Shain 
    Julie Rowe 
    Katie Currul-Dykeman 
    Fern Fergus
    Heather Zelevinsky 
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    Sharon School Committee
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  • School Committee

    The Sharon Public Schools School Committee is an active board made up of 7 members of the Sharon community who are committed to ensuring that every child, parent, and staff member has the best possible learning environment.  The committee typically meets on Wednesday evenings approximately twice a month.  


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  • Community Input at School Committee Meetings

    The School Committee recognizes the importance of providing a forum for community input.

    As per School Committee policy BEDHA, the Committee "shall set aside thirty minutes prior to the first scheduled meeting each month as an Open Forum period to receive community input regarding the operations of the Sharon Public Schools."  In addition, "where practical, community participation in the discussion of specific agenda items will be accommodated during any regular School Committee meeting.  The Chair may set specific time constraints on such comments when necessary". 

    Open Forums are not intended to replace procedures which are already established to address and resolve specific building or child-related issues; parents and community members are reminded to first follow these established procedures (through a teacher, building adminstrator, and/or subsequently the Superindendent or his/her designee). 

  • School Committee Correspondence

    The School Committee welcomes correspondence from all members of the Sharon Community. The School Committee makes every effort to respond to all correspondence.  Letters received by 9:00 AM of a scheduled School Committee meeting will also be summarized at that meeting.   Please note that all correspondence sent to the School Committee is covered by Open Meeting Law requirements and, as such, is considered a public record document. 

    Every letter or email sent to the School Committee is read by our secretary and available to all members of the School Committee and Superintendent. However, sometimes, we receive an email that contains language that does not reflect the values of our Town, of our District, and certainly not of this Committee. Those letters will be ignored, neither responded to in writing nor summarized in the Correspondence portion of the School Committee meeting. If a letter shows so little respect for individuals or ideals that are basic to our community, it does not deserve the respect of a response.